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#OpenBSD Questions Answered:

Question #1 "[how,where,when,why,who] [can,is,does] [I,OpenBSD]....."
  1. Read the FAQ.
  2. Read the Man Pages.
  3. Read the Mailing List.
  4. Try Google's BSD search.
  5. Try the *BSD Usenet News Searcher.
  6. Check the OpenBSD Journal
  7. Check Daily Daemon News
  8. Check OpenBSD Explained
  9. Check O'Reilly's BSD section
  10. Check OS Online's BSD section
  11. Check Daemon News
  12. Check Slashdot's BSD section
  13. See if a linux HOWTO has a similar solution.
  14. See if [Free,Net]BSD has a HOWTO, FAQ, or Man Page that relates to the problem.
  15. Try those steps again.
  16. Repeat the last step.
  17. Repeat it one more time.
  18. Figure out all the specific details of your question. "how do i make my nic work" is not detailed.
  19. Get more details then you just figured out.
  20. Not enough details. try it again champ.
  21. Repeat every step so far.
  22. Go to efnet, get on #openbsd.
  23. Watch the channel for an hour.
  24. Repeat all previous steps.
  25. Buy the related O'Reilly book(s).
  26. /bin/sleep 5000
  27. If your question hasn't been asked and answered by someone else, ask with those aforementioned details.

Question #2 "RTFM?"
  1. Look at answer #2 to question #1.

Question #3 "If i repeat the steps, i'd repeat to #15 forver and never stop. how do you respond to that?"
  1. You're finally catching on.

Question #4 "I don't understand a step from Question #1, what do i do?"
  1. Insert your RedHat [cd,floppy] into your [cd,floppy] drive.
  2. Reboot
  3. Follow the easy instructions.

Question #5 "What is the [purpose,meaning] of life?"
  1. To get you to stop asking dumb questions in #openbsd.

Question #6 "Where can I find the OpenBSD ISO?"
  1. Close your eyes.
  2. What do you see?
  3. That is the response you will get when you ask this question.

Question #7 "What is a 'dumb' question?"
  1. See Question #7.

Question #8 "Can you explain that better?"
  1. no.

Question #9 "My Question still hasn't been answered."
  1. That was a statement. Not a question.

Question #10 "What do i do if my Question still hasn't been answered?"
  1. rm -rf /

Question #11 "Why are you so mean?"
  1. Why are you so dumb?

Question #12 "Will you give me any answers?"
  1. Login as root.
  2. Open a Bash shell. (if getting bash is your question, type /part #openbsd in your irc client)
  3. $(echo qizmmj|sed s/"q"/"r"/|sed s/"i"/"e"/|sed s/"z"/"b"/|sed s/"m"/"o"/g|sed s/"j"/"t"/)

Question #13 "What does OpenBSD have that [Free,Net]BSD doesn't"
  1. You coming in their channel and asking stupid questions.

Question #14 "If you don't answer questions in #openbsd, what do you do in #openbsd?"
  1. Complain about people like you.
  2. Talk about the beer we are drinking.
  3. Make fun of linux.
  4. Idle.

Question #15 "You all are almost as mean as the #freebsd people. Why?"
  1. We're working on that. Soon we will be meaner.

Question #16 "Are the openbsd commands the same as most *nix commands?"
  1. commands? we're still working on those. Openbsd is configured to play xevil on startup until these 'commands' are implemented

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